Mia Khalifa Jokes About Jenner And Gets Some Heat About It!

The news around the world has been buzzing about Bruce Jenner and the fact that he has finally come out as a woman, Caitlyn. He appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair and others while making the rounds to talk shows and other places with hopes of getting his story out. There have been many celebrities that had something to say on either side of the Jenner news, but Mia Khalifa is one that decided it was time to poke some fun about it.

Mia Khalifa is a adult porn star that has been making headlines lately has one of the most watched according to sources. The headlines come because she is of Lebanese decent and being an adult porn actress is something that would be shunned in many ways in her home country. She has only been acting in porn videos for one year, but she has been making waves and this is also not the first time that something she has said put her into some hot water with others.

She clearly has no issue speaking her mind and while that might be something worth having as a quality, some are going to be rubbed the wrong way when you are declaring to the public world how you really feel. Recently, Mia Khalifa made comments about the Bruce Jenner story on Instagram that brought some mixed responses. She posted the image of Jenner on the magazine cover with the comment, “My Nigga went from paying $20 to get in the club to free before 11.30”.

This can be taken many ways, of course, but then she added, “Beware of deceptions, gentlemen!” With that being said, it would appear that she might have been poking fun about Jenner and even though there was a backlash, many of her fans took to social media to show their support for Jenner. One claimed “since when is being happy with yourself a bad thing?” while another got even more personal with Mia Khalifa asking “can you stop being so transphobic, honestly you’re so rude”. With those comments coming against Mia Khalifa, it still appears that Jenner is getting plenty of support and that is a good thing for those that are trying to push a certain agenda.

Mia Khalifa

The bad thing is that Jenner is being targeted and that can be a major mental drain on a person. At this point, Jenner has yet to comment to the critics, but there is likely to be a message sooner than later. In the meantime, Mia Khalifa is going to continue to be up front and gain the followers that just keep following. She has her own life to worry about and while she builds her “brand” she is focusing on the social media following she built.

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