Meri Barber Will not Leave ‘Sister Wives’ Season 6 But She May not Stay Long Either

Speculations are swirling wildly these days that Meri Barber will no longer return for Season 6 of the American reality TV series “Sister Wives” on TLC.

Fans who have been following the show are speculating that Meri decided to divorce Kody Brown, that was aired during the series finale of Season 5, because she wanted to be on her own now and is tired of living a pro-polygamy life.

According to initial reports, Meri wants to explore monogamy instead after being part of a polygamy set up for quite some time. Just before divorcing Kody late last year, their marriage lasted for 25 years.

It has also been reported that Meri is tired of being alone after her 18-year-old daughter Mariah left home for college and thus she is already contemplating of leaving the show.

In yet another report by the Day Herald, it said that Meri is planning to pursue her studies and that she cannot do it if she will continue to remain with the show.

All these are mere speculations for the time being as neither Meri Barber nor TLC have yet to confirm anything thus far although there is a good chance that she might stay and do a couple of episodes for “Sister Wives” Season 6 before leaving for good.

Now that she is no longer the wife of Kody, things will be different for Meri. And the attention will be focus instead on Kody’s newly-wedded wife Robyn Sullivan. Having gotten much of the series limelight over the past five seasons, Meri would certainly be threading a new territory which may come off not to her liking and force her to decide on leaving the show for good.

Divorcing for good reason

However, reports also have it that Kody and Meri decided to divorce so that Kody could officially marry his fourth wife Robyn Sullivan and give them a chance to legally adopt Robyn’s three kids from her previous marriage.

Apparently, in order to get custody of the three children, Kody will formally adopt the kids and his official marriage with Robyn last December 2014 is the first step in the legal process.

However, Kody and Robyn will be up for a tough hurdle as Robyn’s ex-husband is planning to give them a run for the money in as far as children custody is concerned. According to sources, he is planning to make it difficult for both Robyn and Kody to gain custody over the three kids, which would possibly be another centerpiece plotline of the show for Season 6.

Sister Wives Season 6

Now it turns out that what Meri did is actually a supreme sacrifice because it seems that she is happy with her decision to divorce Kody but remain spiritually married to him.


  1. Janelle, Meri, and Christine need to stand up to Robyn. Yes, Robyn is the love of Jody’s life, but there needs to be more fairness within the family issues. All are affected by the Robyn-Kody romance.

  2. I don’t think Meri will go anywhere because she has the best life. She has a home just as big as the other wives and do not have to do half of what the others do. Meri can go to school have equal portions of money as the other and pretty much lead a single life. Now once she get her education and make her own money then maybe she will leave.

    1. shell, are you joking? Meri with the best life??? Not!!! Her former husband is in love with his new trophy wife. There is tension between Meri and the others. Meri has many issues and her life is far from what she ideally would wish it to be. There’s a discord eating away at her mind and soul. A house can not magically wipe away the troubled feelings and emotions at this time in her life. And, she is not getting any more youthful. We wish her the best, however she is in a place, with all that is going on, that is not easy.

  3. I notice Meri is being called by Barber instead of Brown. She was legally Brown because of her marriage to Kody. Did she drop the name of Brown legally thus leaving her and her daughter with different last names?

  4. The thing is, he kind of ignores his daughters and only spends time with his sons. He let Truly get so sick her kidneys failed. All he talks about is his sons’ wrestling matches. I’ve rarely seen him actually bond with or pay attention to his daughters.
    Still, happy for Robyn. I think she was hoping for another girl.

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