Microsoft to Launch Windows 10 on July 29 Along with the Surface Pro 4 and the Lumia 940 and 940 XL Smartphones

Microsoft has recently confirmed that it will be launching the Windows 10 on July 29. Beyond such announcement however, the Redmondian company no longer said anything about several other Microsoft devices coming along with the company’s latest desktop and mobile operating system.

However, rumors are swirling these days that Microsoft will apparently be launching the Windows 10 late next month along with its latest devices in order to showcase how the operating system works on those new gadgets.

Christian Today got wind of rumors that Microsoft will be complementing the launching of its Windows 10 along with the official unveiling of the latest iteration of its laptop/tablet combo, the Surface Pro 4, as well as its latest smartphones, the Lumia 940 and the Lumia 940 XL.

There is a tinge of logic in these rumors actually since Microsoft would really need a couple of platforms to showcase to the tech community how good its Windows 10 will be when it comes out to the PC as well as in smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

Launching the Surface Pro 4 on July 29 laden with the Window 10 operating system would enable Microsoft to show how good its latest OS on tablets and PCs or laptops. In the same breadth, unveiling the Lumia 940 and 940 XL smartphones with the Windows 10 on it would show how excellent the latest OS is on handsets as well..

As there is no official confirmation yet from Microsoft about the possible launching date of its Surface Pro 4, these initial reports are considered as merely speculations.

Making sure that it’s perfect

There were hints that the Surface Pro 4 was simply not ready for launching last May that Microsoft decided to withhold its unveiling until it was sure that the device is almost perfect and ready for roll out to the retail markets.

Had the May launching of the Surface Pro 4 pushed through, the device would not have the Windows 10 onboard during its launching but it should likely have the latest Microsoft operating system when it hits the retail markets two months down the road or in July.

Another indication that the Surface Pro 4 is about to be launched very soon is the huge price cuts that Microsoft offered buyers for Surface Pro 3, its predecessor.

Weaker than the Surface Pro 3

Initial reports indicate that Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is more energy efficient compared to its predecessor, the Surface Pro 3, but the trade off is that it is weaker in performance than the latter.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 vs Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Accordingly, the Surface Pro 4 has dropped the Haswell Dual-Core i5 and i7 Intel processors in favor of the new Intel Core M Broadwell chip, which is the same processor used by the new Apple MacBook and several other ultra-slim and fan-less laptops.


  1. Hope that isn’t try about the surface pro 4. If it doesn’t come with skylake I won’t be touching it. That would be the stupidest decision MS could make given that a few weeks later skylake will be out and vastly superior in every way to broadwell. If they want a killer device it NEEDS to be based on skylake not broadwell.

  2. And how do you expect them to do that exactly. These decisions are made well in advance and some things can’t be changed at a certain point. So Intel came up with something new. Maybe they will have it next years model.

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