Rumors about Big Hero 7 Adding Up, Is the Sequel Going to Be Announced Soon? Let’s See

The success of “Big Hero 6” pretty much guaranteed that the question about a sequel is “when?” not “if?”, and lately we’ve been hearing more and more rumors about a possible new film being in the works. So far, everything seems sketchy and disconnected, and it’s difficult to confirm the majority of rumors that have been going around, but one thing is certain – something big is happening behind the scenes, and it’s only a matter of time now before we hear the official announcement.

We don’t know the name of the new film yet, but fans have dubbed it “Big Hero 7”, and one of the rumors even mentioned that this could be the official title for the new film. Of course “Big Hero 6” was named like that as a reference to its plot, so if the new film changes the number to 7, this could give some hints about what the plot actually involves.

Are we going to see a rearrangement of the main cast, with the possible introduction of new major characters? So far, it seems likely – but another interesting rumor is that we’ll be seeing the return of some old characters from the previous film, in some cases as an unexpected surprise for the fans.

If the rumors are true though, then we’ll have to see the production of “Guardians of the Galaxy 2” conclude before work on “Big Hero 7” starts with full force. This is apparently the main setback in the production of the new film right now, but work on the other title has been wrapping up so we can expect to see some actual activity on the “Big Hero 7” front sometime soon.

What we’ve heard so far is that Hiro and Baymax will be making an appearance in the new film, but we don’t know if the plot will actually be focused on them, or if they will have more minor roles instead. There are indeed rumors that the main focus of the new story will be on an entirely new character that hasn’t been revealed yet, and this has been the subject of much discussion from fans. Many of them have been speculating about what this new character could be like, but of course, there are numerous possibilities.

big hero 7

Another rumor claims that Hiro’s brother, Tadashi, who originally made Baymax, might also be coming back for the new film, despite what we saw happening with him in the previous one. That’s not all though – the character might see some changes in his personality for “Big Hero 7”.

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