Samsung Galaxy S2 Ushered the Next Generation of Smartphones Upon its Release Exactly Four Years Ago

As a media device, the Samsung Galaxy S2 offers users various functions including seamless video streaming through its HSPA+ 21Mbps, Wi-Fi direct capability, efficient syncing with computers through the Samsung 2.0 Kies and Kies air, the AllShare function which makes the smartphone viable for linking to various other devices including the PC, the TV, laptop or even audio systems, as well as full HD recording and playback.

As a next-generation communications device, the Samsung Galaxy S2 featured the Samsung Voice Solution which makes the device capable of being activated by the user’s voice but only for limited functions of course.

The device also became a social hub since it offered users access to social media through various apps. It has also become a device for near-field communication which makes it ideal for mobile payment system just in case the users want to use it.

And finally as an entertainment device, the smartphone also features a game hub and a music hub for users to fully enjoy the capabilities of their handset.

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