Kody Brown Playing Favorite to Fourth Wife Robyn Despite Advocating Pro-Polygamy in ‘Sister Wives’ Season 6

The American reality TV series “Sister Wives” on TLC has been confirmed for Season 6 which would soon be airing in the next few months but the show is hitting some major obstacles that may have an impact on its casting for the upcoming season.

The show chronicles the life of a polygamist family headed by Kody Brown, his four wives, and 17 children in all. When they first started the show in September 2010, the family was then living in Lehi, Utah but has since moved to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Although he is advocating pro-polygamy, there have been speculations in the upcoming season, as noted by many televiewers too, that Kody is playing favorite to fourth wife Robyn Sullivan, whom he officially married in December last year after the divorce with first wife Meri Barber became official in September 2014.

At 36 years old, Robyn happens to be the youngest of the four wives of Kody. However, Robyn herself denied the rumors by saying that Kody is fair and that he actually spends equal time with all his four wives, reports Enstarz.

As a matter of fact, Kody and Meri just marked their 25th anniversary last month and Robyn expressed her greetings to the two of them.

Other speculations

There are also other speculations for the sixth season of the show including the possibility of Meri leaving the show for good.

Since she is officially divorced from Kody, reports have it that Meri wants to explore monogamy instead after being part of a polygamy set up for quite some time.

Mariah, her 18-year-old daughter by Kody, left home for college and Meri is tired of being alone that is why she is contemplating of leaving the show although this report has yet to be confirmed by TLC.

There is also speculation that Meri decided to officially divorce Kody in order for Robyn to be able to position herself well in the custody battle she expects to have with former husband for her three children by previous marriage. So what Meri did actually is a sacrifice which indicates that she will not be leaving the show contrary to rumors.

Apparently, in order to get custody of the three children, Kody will formally adopt the kids and his official marriage with Robyn last December 2014 is the first step in the legal process.

sister wives

However, Kody and Robyn will be up for a tough hurdle as Robyn’s ex-husband is planning to give them a run for the money in as far as children custody is concerned. According to sources, he is planning to make it difficult for both Robyn and Kody to gain custody over the three kids, which would possibly be another centerpiece plotline of the show for Season 6.


  1. Kody seems to be so over Meri and treats her like a three day old fish. Its so sad that he’s caught up in the idea of an exciting new toy, aka Robyn, and discounts all the years that Meri has stood by his side while he hunted new women to make up for what he thinks Meri lacks. Meri has been unfortunately been played for a fool. Depressing.

    1. Why does Kody need four wives but Jim Bob gets along fine with one? The Duggars even have more children. If Meri had tried more I’m certain she could have produced more than only one.

      1. Meri can only deal with what Kody gives her in terms of sperm. If he would rather spill it into others, how can that possibly be Meri’s fault? If he isn’t attracted, he is not attracted. Robyn is just lucky in that he desires her above any.

  2. Rebbeca, to think Kody has just had relations with one of the other three women…….how can that get anyone in a romantic mood??? It seems like such a turn off, at least the way I think about love making. And here’s the kicker, to KNOW he’s thinking about Robyn all the time!!! Those women have emotions more like hookers than those of ordinary wives. Seems any self esteem flew out the window years ago. In their heart of hearts there must be deep down hidden shame for being used that comes when they are alone with their thoughts and feelings. Their kids know.

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