2016 Toyota Tacoma Enjoys a Lot of Hype after April Presentation at Edmonton Motor Show!

The 2016 Toyota Tacoma was already a highly anticipated release in the truck market, and many people were eager to find out any kind of official information about the truck, but until recently, all we had were just rumors, with the occasional small release here and there. Recently though, we got to see the truck in more detail when it was presented at the Edmonton Motor Show in April, and the presentation went through pretty much perfectly – if we had to guess, this was probably all Toyota had been hoping for in terms of reactions.

It’s no wonder that the truck is enjoying so much attention in the first place, as it’s the newest entry in an already highly popular line. In fact, the Tacoma is probably one of the most recognizable names in the truck market in North America, which is a serious achievement considering it’s a non-American company. And now, Toyota are apparently planning to live up to the hype and maintain their reputation with the release of the 2016 Tacoma, as they have been putting a lot of effort into its design.

What did we see exactly in April though? The truck attracted the eyes of many curious onlookers, and it was apparently an interesting sight for people outside of the circles of truck fans as well. SUV lovers seemed impressed by what the new Tacoma has to offer, and it looks like Toyota can easily insert themselves in several market segments at once with this release if they pull it off right.

Of course, that will also come down to proper marketing, as it will take some convincing to sway people away from their standard areas of interest. It does look like the new Tacoma could have the potential to attract many new customers for the company though.

It will be offered in two versions, one based on a 3.5 liter Atkinson cycle V6 engine, which itself is based on the D-4S by Toyota. It will feature both port and direct fuel injection, and the other version of the truck comes with a 2.7 liter engine that has already been popularized by other trucks on the market.

2016 Toyota Tacoma

In all cases though, it looks like buyers are going to get great mileage out of the truck given those engine specifications, which itself should be a noteworthy feature for a truck. These are not machines made with fuel efficiency in mind as a primary feature, so it’s good to see that major companies like Toyota have been paying more and more attention to this lately. Many truck enthusiasts definitely do care about getting more out of their gas.

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