Roku 4 Possibly Coming Earlier Than Expected During the Summer Season? Let’s See

We have no idea about the price of the new device, but recent reductions in the prices of the Roku 2 and 3 could be an indication that the Roku 4 is going to land in the same price segment as its predecessor.

That would certainly be nice, as the Roku 3 had a good price for its features, and the Roku 4 would be a very competitive device if it’s released with the same price tag. In all likelihood, that’s what we’re going to see because the company has been trying to preserve some consistency in their pricing before.

There have even been rumors that the Roku 4 could come at a lower price than before as an experimental new strategy by the company, but we have no idea whether or not that would make sense right now, so we wouldn’t expect to see it happening.

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