Roku 4 Possibly Coming Earlier Than Expected During the Summer Season? Let’s See

Roku’s newest Roku 4 was previously rumored to be coming this fall, and many users were preparing to buy the device, sharing information about its specifications and discussing the many possibilities for using its new features. Now, we’re hearing new rumors that claim we might see the player even sooner than previously thought, as it’s apparently being prepared for a release in the summer season.

The new player will have even more features and advanced hardware, and while many of the improvements are just rumors so far, some of them have come from reliable sources so it’s pretty likely that they will turn out to be true. Roku have also been maintaining the older entries into their line, releasing updated models for the Roku 2 and Roku 3 recently. It’s now been two years since the Roku 3 came out though, and it’s about time for a new release to polish up the hardware and bring the device closer to the current hardware trends.

There have also been discounts on the previous Roku devices, serving as further indication that the company is preparing for the launch of the Roku 4 right now. Of course, it could just be a random promotion from the company and not indicative of an actual new release, but in all likelihood the timing would coincide with the release of a new device, plus there have been several rumors pointing in that direction recently.

They would definitely need to release a new device soon too, because their competitors have been stepping up their games significantly. Amazon and Google have their own very powerful streaming devices now, and they have created serious competition for Roku. Releasing updates for the Roku 2 and 3 isn’t going to cut it anymore, users will need to see an actual new device if they are to remain interested in the brand name.

And Roku should try to make the release as soon as possible if they want to stay relevant, as the market is changing fast and they might soon find themselves facing even more competition than before, effectively killing their potential for re-entry. They seem to have their release schedule figured out so far though, so we can assume that they know exactly when they should release the device for the best effects.

roku 4

The Roku 4 is expected to come with 4K streaming support, as well as various other improvements such as extra RAM and a more powerful processor, and the player is supposedly going to be a market leader as soon as it’s launched. A bold claim, but not for Roku who have already been at the top before and know a thing or two about that.

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