Another Tekken 7 Character Revealed, Kazumi Mishima Is Coming to the Game!

We’ve just seen news about another character that’s coming to “Tekken 7”, named Kazumi Mishima, and she’s a unique fighter with a tiger as her special ability. The character is by no means new to the lore of the game, as she is the wife of Heihachi as well as the mother of Kazuya Mishima, so players are generally familiar with the character or at least the story surrounding her.

Her entry into the game was shown in an official video released on the game’s YouTube channel, where the developers previewed various moves that she’s capable of, and while her overall fighting style and skills were quite impressive, it was also notable that she was assisted by a tiger for many of those moves. In the end, she seems to pull off her Rage Art, a move similar to what the Ultra Combo was in the original “Ultra Street Fighter IV”.

Kazumi will be a boss character, and she will have a transformation into an alternative, evil version, similarly to Kazuya and Jin from the previous installments in the series. However, we didn’t get to see how this form looks exactly, nor do we know if players will be given control of her in this state, or just in her regular form. This wasn’t revealed in the video, nor do we have any information from the developers in this regard so far, but we’ll likely find out soon enough.

The developers of “Tekken 7” certainly seem fond of surprises though, as not many people expected to see Kazumi Mishima as a playable character. She was shown quite often in the initial trailers for the game, but then we were given the implication that she would be just a non-playable character. It seemed like she would have the purpose of driving the plot at some points, but nothing more than that.

Now though, it’s become apparent that this is not the case, and fans of the game have been wondering what else they could expect to be announced as a surprise. There’s certainly a lot that can be done even with existing characters to shake up the foundation of “Tekken 7”, and we can’t wait to see the next revelations that the developers have prepared.

Tekken 7

The game is shaping up to be an exciting installment in the franchise so far, and many players have been expressing a lot of positivity over the new content that has been shown in trailers and previews. Many of the franchise’s fans have a lot of trust in this installment and are looking forward to it as a well-fitting continuation to an already great series.

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