Another Tekken 7 Character Revealed, Kazumi Mishima Is Coming to the Game!

The fighter genre has been quite active lately in general, as “Mortal Kombat” has also been evolving rapidly, and fans of that franchise have been getting lots of goodies in the media. Then there are also various smaller titles on the scene that are enjoying a lot of popularity as well, and fans of fighting games can’t really complain that they lack variety lately.

Hopefully, nothing will unexpectedly go wrong in the development of “Tekken 7” and cause players to be disappointed – but at this point, the only way that could happen is if it turns out that the actual game doesn’t match the initial previews.

The developers of the franchise don’t have a habit of doing that though, and they have actually been quite responsible with their marketing in general, always trying to ensure that any advertisements match the actual presentation of the game itself, so we have good expectations for “Tekken 7”.

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