Roku 4 and Other Roku Streaming Platform Devices Likely to Power Telstra TV Streaming Service

Meanwhile, Roku 3 has been the most popular line of TV set-top boxes for watching media streaming services since March 2013. It has been more than two years already and it is about time that a new iteration or upgrade of the device comes out.

The Roku 4 has already been in development for quite some time and it seems like Roku is just waiting for the perfect time to launch the device. Reports have it that Roku 4 will finally be released this coming fall.

Further delaying its release would push consumers who have been loyal to the Roku brand since the company released the first Netflix internet video streaming receiver box, known as the Roku DVP, back in May 2008, to shift to alternatives that are plenty in the market these days.

Roku knows how competitive the market is fast becoming especially with the emergence of the big name players in the field including Apple, Google, and Amazon. That’s in addition to the fact that internet TV services are also gaining ground and other manufacturers will also be releasing new media streaming products by next year.

The American tech company needs to release the next generation Roku 4 to the market soon enough because that is the only way that it can stay at the forefront and beat its competitors to the punch.

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