‘Sister Wives’ Season 6 to See Changes in the Dynamics of the Brown Household as 18th Member of the Family Set to Arrive in January

There will be plenty of changes in the household of Kody Brown when the reality TV series “Sister Wives” returns to TLC early next year for its sixth season.

And because Kody now has Robyn Sullivan as his official wife, there will be certain shifts in the dynamics in the polygamous family. With Robyn already pregnant with her second child by Kody, it is likely that the Brown patriarch will focus much of his attention to the upcoming birth of the 18th member of their family, which accordingly is due on January 7, 2016.

While former wife Meri Barber and third wife Christine took to Twitter to state their congratulatory messages to Robyn on her upcoming baby, second wife Janelle hardly offered any reaction to the pregnancy. She just retweeted Christine’s post and did not offer any personal message of congratulations to Kody and Robyn, details the Vine Report.

Janelle, as her character from the previous season of “Sister Wives,” has always been against changes or restructuring in the household. She was the first to react or opposed when Meri announced her decision to divorce Kody so that the Kody and Robyn could legally adopt the three children of Robyn by her first marriage.

Kody’s second wife admitted that she has never been so great with change. She said that she does not know what she’s in for and that she is worried that it would change the dynamic.

Despite her apprehension on the Kody-Meri divorce last year, she was ultimate convinced by Kody to support the process because it is for a good cause.

What fans can expect in Season 6

Other than rumors about Meri Barber leaving the show because she allegedly can no longer hack a polygamous lifestyle, there is really nothing quite specific about what fans could expect when the American reality TV series “Sister Wives” returns to TLC later this year for its Season 6.

It looks like there is now something definite that fans of the show could look forward to when “Sister Wives” returns to the small screens as Robyn Sullivan Brown, the fourth, and newly-wedded wife of Kody Brown is now pregnant with their second child together.

Robyn and Kody actually confirmed the pregnancy during a recent interview with People magazine. The couple did not specify the exact delivery date of Robyn, but she was apparently sporting a sizeable baby bump during the exclusive interview with People magazine.

And it looks likely that Robyn will give birth at about the time when Season 6 of “Sister Wives” is back on TV, giving the show an instant and exciting new plot which fans could really look forward to.

Latest reports, however, indicate that Robyn is due on January 7, 2016, which is just about right for Season 6 of “Sister Wives.”

While Robyn’s current pregnancy will just be her second with Kody, the child is to become the 18th member of the Brown kids as the patriarch also has children with his three other spiritual wives including Meri Barber, Janelle, and Christine.

Kody has one child with Meri, six children with Janelle, six children with Christine, and one child with Robyn. But Robyn has three children by her previous marriage.


When Meri Barber divorced Kody Brown in September last year after 25 years of marriage, which was aired in the series finale of Season 5 of “Sister Wives” on TLC, she was actually doing self-sacrifice.

Sister Wives Season 6

She sacrificed her marriage to Kody in order for her spiritual husband to marry his fourth wife Robyn so that she and Kody can legally adopt Robyn’s three kids from her previous marriage.

Apparently, in order to get custody of the three children, Kody will formally adopt the kids and his official marriage with Robyn last December 2014 is the first step in the legal process.

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