Roku 4 and Other Roku Streaming Platform Devices Likely to Power Telstra TV Streaming Service

Australian telecom operator Telstra has joined the Roku Powered licensing program to deliver its new services called Telstra TV, to consumers.

The Telstra TV streaming service is expected to roll out later this year in Australia and will combine Telstra’s BigPond movie service with popular streaming services like Presto, Stan, Netflix and various catch-up TV channels, details the Roku Blog.

By availing itself of the Roku Powered licensing program, Telstra will be making use of Roku streaming platform devices including the Roku 4, which is rumored to come out of the market later this year.

Telstra is the first Australian telecom operator that joins the Roku Powered licensing program and it will be the first company to launch Roku in the Land Down Under.

Effectively, the partnership with Telstra would also enable the American tech company based in Saratoga, California to penetrate the Australian market with its wide array of streaming devices including the Roku streaming stick, the Roku, Roku 2, Roku 3, and the upcoming Roku 4.

Preferred by users

Although Roku devices are priced higher than other similar gadgets in the market today, they are still getting the preference of users because of their proven reliability and ease of use.

The most affordable of the Roku streaming devices is the Roku streaming stick which is priced at $47.50. That is higher than the price of Google Chromecast at $29.99 or the Amazon Fire TV Stick at $39.99.

The Roku 3 is currently valued in the retail markets at $99.99 and it is expected that when the Roku 4 will come out, it will have a price in the range from $120 to $150.

And whether consumers, believe it or not, there is still the Roku and the Roku 2 device in the markets even today, thus proving the dependability and durability of the streaming devices and their popularity among consumers.

Taking on Apple and Google

The decision of Telstra to subscribe to the Roku Powered licensing program is consistent with the plan of the Australian company to take on Apple and Google as part of its media strategy in the local Australian market, notes the Sydney Morning Herald.

Telstra is actually the fourth global communications operator to have taken on the Roku streaming service platform to its customers following the footsteps of Sky UK, Sky Deutschland, and Sky Italia.

The Australian telecommunications giant will launch the Telstra TV in September with the Roku 2 as its core device that connects to the TVs and hosts apps that play catch-up TV and streaming video services including Netflix, Stan and YouTube.

Accordingly, Telstra will use the media products and services to keep existing customers loyal while striving to attract new internet subscribers without paying the hundreds of millions of dollars required to become a media producer.

It is expected that when the Roku 4 is launched, Telstra TV will eventually make use of it as part of its streaming platform offerings in Australia to give its subscribers a great viewing experience.

Much has been said about the upcoming Roku 4, the latest iteration on the most popular line of TV set-top boxes for watching media streaming services like Netflix and Hulu on televisions.

While emerging competition is keenly eyeing to take it down first and foremost, the streaming device developed by Roku will certainly give its competitors a good fight.

roku 4

In addition to the rumored features of the Roku 4, which were significant upgrades from the Roku 3, the new streaming will reportedly have an internal antenna to improve its signal strength.

While details have not been elaborated upon, it seems that the idea behind the feature is to be able to pick up network signals and process it within the device at greater speeds.

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