GoPro Hero 5 to Deliver Better Underwater Recording Capabilities

Much has been said about the powerful capabilities of the upcoming GoPro Hero 5 action camera with the focus primarily on its capability to record 4K videos, shoot in 3D, and feature an 8K resolution.

Those three major attributes alone would put the GoPro Hero 5 a cut above the rest of all other cameras in the market today. It will likewise effectively position the device as the most powerful videographic equipment in the world, as what GoPro has envisioned it to be.

It is also because of the efforts of GoPro to make the Hero 5 the best action camera and videographic equipment in the world that the release date of the device was pushed back from an earlier announcement of October 5, 2015, to an undisclosed date in 2016, cites the Ecumenical News.

The time would enable the American camcorder company to incorporate more new technologies to the device and make it really the best there is when it comes out in the retail markets next year.

The GoPro Hero 5 is reportedly waterproof and is said to be functional underwater up to a depth of 60 meters, which would enable it to deliver better underwater recording capabilities no other videographic equipment out in the market today can match, notes the Vine Report.

Groundbreaking strategy

If latest rumors are true that the GoPro Hero 5 will come out with a price cheaper than its predecessor, then the American camcorder manufacturing company will also be ushering a groundbreaking strategy that has never been employed by anybody in the market before.

It has always been the norm in the tech industry that whenever a new device comes out of the market, it is normally priced higher than its predecessor.

That is quite understandable considering the upgrades and improvements that manufacturers usually include in the latest models of their devices compared to the ones succeeded.

Though it may appear that envisioning the Hero 5 to become the best videographic equipment in the world as a lofty target, the company is optimistic that it can meet consumer expectations given its track record with the launch of the groundbreaking GoPro Hero camcorders in the past couple of years.

GoPro is also determined to come up with a new video camera that will surpass the features and specifications of its current model, the GoPro Hero 4.

Business decision

The delay in the release of the device may also be a business decision on the manufacturer’s part since releasing the GoPro Hero 5 barely a year after the GoPro Hero 4 made it to the market will really put the clamps on its predecessor considering the initial reports that the latter device would come out with practically the same price as the older gadget, if not cheaper.

That would sure to draw buyers away from the old and into the new, which would not make any business sense at all for GoPro.

The American company is most likely considering competitive pricing too as latest reports have it that some action cameras these days cost far cheaper than GoPro devices and they have comparable features too.

In order to justify its rumored pricing of anywhere from $400 to $500 for the GoPro Hero 5, the company really needs to make sure that it is loaded with brand new features that no other action camera available in the market today can match up to.

The reported capability of the GoPro Hero 5 to capture 3D video would dramatically improve user experience particularly in filming extreme action and adrenaline-filled moments. In order to do that, GoPro Hero 5 shall feature dual lens which would enable it to capture 3D videos, making it the first-of-its-kind for any GoPro devices.

gopro hero 5

Technically speaking, however, it is still not clear how the 8K resolution would blend with the 3D video recording capability of the GoPro Hero 5, and also the supposed faster processing speed of the camera.

The 8K resolution would be a marked improvement from the 4K resolution video recording capability of the GoPro Hero 4 and other upcoming devices and gadgets in the market.

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