Roku 3 Upgrade Keeps Users Satisfied While Waiting for Roku 4

But the big boys would certainly not take the beating and go quietly into the night so some of them are coming back big time, with more powerful and sophisticated media streaming devices than ever before now in the pipeline.

Online streaming services have become such a competitive market these days that media streaming products are capitalizing on it heavily too.

Roku is always there at the forefront, delivering available online streaming services in the market today including the key must-haves such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, Vudu, Watch ESPN, HBO Go, and also Sling TV, details C/Net.

Roku 3 turned two years old last month so to avoid falling behind, and keep the winning formula working, it has come up with something new on its device that surely had users quite excited and delighted too.

The voice search and unique headphone jack makes the Roku 3 the best video streamer in its price class,

The good news about Roku media streaming devices is that they all deliver more apps than competitors, constant updates, and content providers all operate in a level playing field. Roku’s interface is also snappy, fully customizable and very easy to use.

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