Resurrection Remix Gives Samsung Galaxy S3 a New Custom ROM Based on Android 5.1 Lollipop

Should the new custom ROM is tried on other Galaxy S3 devices, it might get bricked, the mobile software developer warned.

The device should be rooted first before the installation of the new custom ROM and it also requires the clearing of memory in the smartphone. Thus, backing up of data becomes imperative.

It is also important that users install the USB drivers on their PC because the Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 would not be recognized by the computer.

Prior to the installation, the device should be charged to more than 80% of the battery so that no interruption will happen during the entire process because losing power during the installation process might temporarily brick the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Resurrection Remix also clarified that users of Samsung Galaxy S3 who decide to take on the new custom ROM will immediately void the warranty that was given to them by Samsung via its retailers for the device. This also means that the device shall no longer get future updates from Samsung but can only do so on its own.

Steps and procedures were likewise provided on how to go about the installation process of the new custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S3.

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