‘Reign’ Season 4 Star Adelaide Kane Disappointed that Torrance Coombs is No Longer Reprising His Role in the TV Series as Bash

However, the second marriage shall be short-lived as Lord Darnley shall be killed supposedly by Mary’s third husband, Bothwell, to be played by Adam Croasdell.

Reports have it that Queen Mary will marry for the third time but not out of love but because she will be forced into it. She will marry Bothwell. Based on history, Bothwell is one of the people suspected to be responsible for killing Mary’s second husband.

He also reportedly kidnapped the Queen and threatened to kill her if she did not agree to marry him.

However, it remains a mystery if Mary was forced into marriage by Bothwell although many people at that time believed she was. This led to Bothwell fleeing and completely leaving Mary.

It is unknown if this will all be depicted in “Reign” Season 4 as Croasdell and Kemp are only signed for four episodes although going beyond that is up to them.

Incidentally, there were reports saying that Season 4 of “Reign” is going to be a test-case for the show. If it does well in the ratings, there is a strong possibility that The CW would renew it for another season. If it continues to experience the decline in its ratings, then Season 4 is going to be the last for the show.

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