‘Switched at Birth’ Season 5 Premiere Date Pushed Back by a Week; Show to Conclude with a 90-Minute Series Finale

The premiere date of the fifth and final season of the American teen family drama TV series “Switched at Birth” on Freeform has been pushed back by a week.

From its previously reported January 24 airing date, the first episode of Season 5 of “Switched at Birth” will be premiering on January 31, notes TV Line.

The teen drama will be coming back on the small screen after a year and four months of hiatus as the Series 4 finale was aired on October 26, 2015.

The first episode of “Switched at Birth” Season 5 will air following the Season 4B premiere of “The Fosters” which could be part of Freeform’s intensified programming early next year.

“Switched at Birth” Season 5 shall have 10 episodes, the 10th of which shall mark a milestone because it is also the 100th episode of the show and shall be highlighted by a 90-minute series finale.

An emotional treat for fans

Series creator Lizzy Weiss promised fans that Season 5 “Switched at Birth” will be given an emotional treat and exciting new twists when the show starts airing its final season on Freeform on January 31, 2017.

While there were surely be the usual heartaches and sad moments, Weiss also gave an assurance that “Switched at Birth” would have a feel-good happy ending, which would also be another treat to its loyal fans who have been supportive of the show right from the start.

As expected, the fifth and final season of the TV series shall pick up from the Season 4 cliffhanger featuring Bay Kennish, played by Vanessa Marano, and Daphne Vasquez, played by Katie Leclerc, traveling back home to Kansas from China after receiving an emergency call.

The subsequent speculations after the Season 4 finale were all about the nature of the call or the emergency that prompted the two girls to come home, notes Movie News Guide.

The first episode of Season 5 is aptly titled “The Call” and the toss up of the speculations is the worsening illness of John Kennish, played by D.W. Moffett, or the possible divorce of John and Kathryn, played by Lea Thompson.

It has already been shown in Season 4 that John and Kathryn have been having marital woes and it may be tackled in “Switched at Birth” Season 5, details Game & Guide.

A major character will die?

There are also reports saying that Season 5 of “Switched at Birth” may feature a death of a major character. The rumors were saying that it is going to be John.

Back in Season 4, John learned of his terminal illness, and with the looming divorce between him and Kathryn, the stress is certainly over the roof.

In the event that the showrunner and writers proceed with the direction of John’s possible death, it will set the stage of “Switched at Birth” Season 5 to take viewers into a roller coaster of emotions.

It is likely to make the Kennish-Vasquez families closer to each other and set aside whatever issues they have to comfort each other.

Some viewers, however, feel that John will not die in the series as showrunner Lizzy Weiss already hinted previously that the Season 5 finale would be a feel-good conclusion for everyone. The death of John would surely douse cold water in a feel-good and happy ending for “Switched at Birth” as promised by its showrunner.

switched at birth season 5

There are also speculations saying that Vanessa and Bay have decided to come home from China is because their mother, Regina Vasquez, played by Constance Marie, will be introducing to them her hot new boyfriend named Luca, to be played by Michael Galante.

The two will obviously be shocked to learn about the relationship since Luca seems to be closer to their age and is way younger than Regina.

The relationship would not suit well with both Daphne and Bay that it might possibly cause another tension in the Kennish – Vasquez family.

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