‘Switched at Birth’ Season 5 Premiere Date Pushed Back by a Week; Show to Conclude with a 90-Minute Series Finale

According to reports, the relationship of Regina and Luca shall also be one of the main focuses of “Switched at Birth” Season 5 when it returns to Freeform early next year.

In the trailer for “Switched at Birth” Season 5, Regina is shown kissing her much younger beau. She appears to be telling Luca that their relationship is wrong but she still gives in to him when he told her that he really loves her.

As much as they want their mother to be happy, an affair with a younger man is not what they have envisioned for her. So it would be interesting how they would deal with Luca.

The Season 5 trailer of “Switched at Birth” also featured Toby Kennish, played by Lucas Grabeel, and Lily, played by Rachel Shenton, finally deciding to tie the know and seal their family with a marriage.

The two already have a baby together so they have decided to make their union and relationship official by formalizing it through a wedding ceremony.

Amid the rumors of divorce between John and Kathryn, what seems clear is that the 10th and final episode of “Switched at Birth” entitled “Long Live Love” will mean that the pair will eventually have their happy ending.

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