‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 7 Fans Points to Lucas Being Uber A! Find Out Why!

The cast had already wrapped up filming back in October. Marlene promised fans that when she found out that Season 7 will be the last, she made it a point that all fans’ queries would be answered.

She promised that fans will surely love how the final episodes will play out and that they will all be satisfied with how the show will end.

The final 10 episodes will also mark the return of some familiar faces. Torrey DeVitto and Julian Morris will return as Melissa Hastings and Wren Kingston. respectively.

Freeform has already released the episode titles of the last 10 episodes. The season premiere, titled ‘Playtime,’ will pick up minutes after the Season 7A finale.

It can be recalled that TroianBellisario’s Spencer Hastings was revealed to be Mary Drake’s second child and Charlotte’s twin.

While Noel has the girls trapped in the house, Jenna shoots Spencer. Alison also reveals that she is pregnant with Archer’s baby, while Toby and Yvonne met an accident before leaving Rosewood.

Hollywood Life reports that the series finale will be a two-hour long episode. This will be followed by a one-hour tell-all special with Marlene and the five lead actresses.

King teased that the final scene includes all the Liars together. She adds that two couples will be tying the knot before the show comes to a close. However, she also hints that someone will also die.

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