Pokemon Z Possibly Coming in February with a Free Pokemon GO Download!

A good recent example is “Fallout 4” which came with a “companion” app that allows players to use a mobile phone as a real-life “Pip Boy”, or in other words have access to the game’s inventory and character screens from a mobile phone.

This was actually praised for the creativity of the idea, but there have also been cases where a companion app is basically required to get the full experience of the main game, especially when the app offers unique bonuses.

“Pokemon GO” is more unique in this regard because it’s not exactly a companion app but it’s its own experience, so the game could definitely be received well. And who knows, in the future it could also serve as the inspiration for a more major project related to the franchise which explores its gameplay in even more creative ways.

If the current release rumors are true, we will find out in a couple of months how well the game works and if it blends in with the overall experience of the franchise or not. If it turns out to be a failed experiment, that won’t really be that bad – what matters is that the people behind this franchise are motivated enough to keep developing it in interesting ways. With that in mind, we could see even more exciting things on.


  1. it is impossible for the new Pokemon game out in February provided the main series games are announced a year ago, about 10 months minimum, releasing little information to go on increasing the interest in fans and recruit new followers
    From out a new game recently serious end of 2016

    1. BW2 were announced in Feb and out in June so yeah… However Feb for the Z game is not happening but a reveal is very possible for a summer release. Matters how fare they are with it.

  2. Pokémon Go won’t be your no good companion app for Pokémon Z. Nintendo is having problem making money and Candy Crush is beating them at it. They are changing the way they are doing things. Pokémon Go will sell more than Pokémon Z. They’re here to make money and that’s how it works in 2016.

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