‘Frozen 2’ Expected to Have a Chart-Topping Duet Song of Queen Elsa and Princess Anna!

One of the reasons why up until today many still remember “Frozen” as the most successful animated film in history is because of its chart-topping song “Let It Go” from its excellent soundtrack.

Reports have it that the sequel shall also focus on having the same in order for it to have a strong memory recall just like the original film.

It is actually film critic Robbie Collin who alluded to the possibility when he was quoted in a recent interview saying that sisters Queen Elsa and Princess Anna will sing a duet about being stronger together while they are being kept separate by some villain or evil force., details the Christian Post.

Collin also expects the song would take a verse and line about their situation and then come together for a big, soaring chorus.

It seems that Collin’s theory has a good leg to stand on since Disney is also big on movie theme song which is why “Let It Go,” sang by Idina Menzel, is still being crooned by both kids and adults alike, more than two years after the showing of “Frozen.”

Discerning critic also gets engrossed on ‘Frozen’

Meanwhile, an obviously discerning critic of The Guardian recently watched “Frozen” with his sniffing offsprings, expecting that he would endure a miserable hour watching the film.

Though he was entirely unmoved by the plot, he somehow began to follow it and he started caring. That’s when he realized that he was already moved by the movie and that, like his kids, he got engrossed watching ‘Frozen.’

Eventually, he came to the conclusion that the script was excellent, the voice casting on point, the animation was sharp and remarkably expressive, the story moved along at a clip, and the inevitably bad guy with English accent was pleasingly informative about the intricacies of 19th-century trade negotiations.

For about an hour and a half during the movie’s run, he saw that his daughters have forgotten that they were ill and having a bout with colds, which he says is one glaring reason why “Frozen” is a good movie for the kids.

The critic went on to say that his daughters eventually watched the movie for a number of times more and he believes he can sit with them again to watch the movie in the near future, but he feels that the song has been way too long in the air already.

Making viewers feel

“Frozen 2” is still years away from its release date, but rumors and speculations about the sequel to the most successful animated movie of all time have become sort of staple food on the internet with practically daily doses about it.

There have been plenty of interesting rumored plotlines and cast members to “Frozen 2” as much as there are also absurd theories.

Since Disney or its co-writers and co-directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee have yet to confirm much of the rumors that have been swirling pretty wildly on the internet, information should be taken with a pinch of salt, just to be on the safe side.


However, one thing is certain at this time is that the movie will become a platform to send out a strong message to its viewers, who will be comprised mostly of children.

Chris Buck confirmed it during a recent interview. He said that he realized that what they do at Disney is very important. So he and Jennifer Lee want to make viewers laugh, cry, and feel as well as give them hope when they watch “Frozen 2.”

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