Super Smash Bros 4 Cloud Strife DLC Character Arrival to be Announced on Next Direct Presentation; One or Two More Characters Coming to the Game?

Japanese gaming company Nintendo will have its final Super Smash Bros Direct presentation on December 15 and reports have it that it will make the announcement regarding the release date of the next DLC character on the fighting game “Super Smash Bros 4.” It has been confirmed last month that the next DLC character that will come to the fighting game is the cult-favorite Cloud Strife from the role-playing game “Final Fantasy VII.”

Several fans and gamers also think that Nintendo shall make an announcement regarding the arrival of one or two more DLC characters other than Cloud Strife, notes iDigital Times.

When Nintendo previously announced its final Super Smash Bros Direct presentation for the year, the company hinted that it would dwell on Cloud Strife and more. The ‘more’ part of the hint is what’s exciting gamers because they are hoping and optimistic actually that it could be a new DLC character or perhaps two.

Nintendo recently pulled a big surprise for “Super Smash Bros 4” on 3DS and Wii U gaming platforms when instead of characters that were rumored to be coming to the game, it was somebody else that the company announced.

It was a good surprise for gamers to say the least as the next playable character that shall come to “Super Smash Bros 4” is the cult-favorite Ultima Weapon-wielding Cloud Strife from the role-playing game “Final Fantasy VII.”

Cloud Strife was never in the radar of gamers nor was he part of the rumors and speculations regarding the next DLC character on “Super Smash Bros 4.”

After the game’s Fighter Ballot ended on October 3, seven possible playable characters made it into the rumor mills including Dixie Kong and King R. Rool from “Donkey Kong Country,” Isaac from “Golden Sun,” Inkling from “Splatoon,” Ridley from “Metroid,” Shovel Knight from “Shovel Knight,” and Professor Layton from “Professor Layton.”

A sweet surprise

Gamers, however, welcomed the sweet surprise that they got from Nintendo as Cloud Strife is more popular than any of those seven characters previously mentioned to be coming to the game.

Nintendo made the disclosure about Cloud Strife when it featured a trailer of “Super Smash Bros 4” during the recent Nintendo Direct event that showed the “Final Fantasy VII” protagonist getting into action on the popular fighting video game.

The video footage is aptly titled “Cloud Storms into Battle” and showed how ready Cloud Strife is in his impending battle with anybody at “Super Smash Bros 4.” The clip showed the spiky-haired mercenary / hero demonstrating his power in a battle against every playable character in the roster of “Super Smash Bros 4.”

In the short clip, Cloud Strife was also shown giving every character in “Super Smash Bros 4” a beatdown using his signature Odin Summon move along with his impressive edge breaks on every opponent.

Other things to expect

In addition to Cloud Strife and two more new fighters, the Super Smash Bros Direct presentation is also expected to make an announcement on two new additional stages on “Super Smash Bros 4” as well as a Nintendo NX version of the fighting video game.

The Nintendo NX is the latest game device of the Japanese company. It is a hybrid machine that functions as a console like the Wii U and a handheld like the 3DS. Previous reports say that mass production of the new gaming platform will start in March next year for its likely rollout in the third quarter of 2016.

There are speculations that the latest Nintendo gaming platform could come out as early as July 2016 and it shall immediately have a version of “The Legend of Zelda” on it.

super smash bros

While Nintendo has yet to make a statement to confirm whether it was Cloud Strife who topped the Fighter Ballot for “Super Smash Bros 4,” the hints seem to indicate so.

The Fighter Ballot asked fans to vote for the character whom they would like to see included in the popular fighting game.

According to reports, Cloud Strife was elected by fans to appear in the 3DS and Wii U versions of the game.

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