PlayStation 4 Jailbreak to Enable Users to Run Homebrew Apps and Play Pirated Games!

Since nothing concrete has come out from CTurt, gamers almost accepted that no one else will ever jailbreak the PlayStation 4. However, the optimism of PS4 users was buoyed when the lesser known group H3ck34 has claimed that they will soon release a fully functional dongle, reports Neurogadget.

The identity of the hacking team is still unconfirmed but there are speculations saying that they have something to do with the Cobra Team, the group that released many PS3 hardware mods. Based on the group’s Twitter profile, they also made the announcement that they will launch the dongle on February 20 and another tool a month later.

Since the dongle was not released by H3ck34, PlayStation 4 users and critics are now verifying the connection of the supposed hacking team with the Cobra Team or whether they are indeed legitimate.

But then, PS4 users have no other recourse but to wait whether H3ck34, like CTurt, would be able to live up to its supposed claim that they will soon be releasing a PS4 jailbreak tool. However, until a PS4 jailbreak tool is finally out in public, users of the console have no other choice at this time but to wait until the hackers finally do good on their promises.


  1. I am actually wondering why they don’t make these systems backward compatible and just warn people that all hardware and games may not work. It would probably prevent this stuff from happening.

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