OnePlus Two to Roll Out in September or October this Year, Says OnePlus Co-Founder

The OnePlus Two was recently subjected to some benchmarking tests and a Chinese website was able to capture the specifications of the upcoming flagship device.

Much has been said last week about the possible release date of the OnePlus Two. It has been reported that OnePlus Two will roll out to the retail markets in the third quarter of 2015 but there is no specifics as to the exact month and date when will the successor of OnePlus One make it.

Early in May, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau talked about the impressive features and specifications of the OnePlus Two, which would certainly be several notches better than the OnePlus One. He also confirmed earlier hints that the Chinese manufacturer will also be launching another low-end smartphone within the year called the OnePlus One Lite.

Although he did not state exactly the specific price for the OnePlus Two, word going around now is that the upcoming flagship smartphone will cost just about $400, which would really make it ultra-competitive, price-wise, to the current flagship handsets of other major smartphone makers in the world.

The price of the OnePlus Two would really catch the attention of people who are always in the hunt for very good yet affordable smartphones. Considering the excellent track record of the OnePlus One, it would not be surprising if they start making a beeline to the retail stores once the OnePlus Two official hits the markets come the third quarter of 2015.


  1. No thank you. Lots of issues with this device. Warranty support is virtually non existent. If you want the the One+2, I suggest waiting several months after launch and hopefully the Asus Zenfone 3 will be available by then.

    1. I’ve had it since launch and had no issues. Fantastic device for the money, the camera is the only slight disappointment. I’ll be definitely purchasing the new one.

  2. @hmm and settle for unrooted phone woth a crappy camera performance with 1/4 of tweaks offered by oneplus…. Good luck brother

  3. @Hmm. Issues with no support you say? I’ve had the One since release and love this device. Broke the screen and they sent me a brand new device in the box in 3 days after the paper work was done. As for issues, I’ve heard some had a few screen problems at the start but mine has never missed a beat. I am currently running Exodus ROM 5.1.1 and it’s so so buttery smooth with 3 days battery and 5hrs plus screen on time. I will definitely be staying with One Plus :-)

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