Once Upon a Time Season 6 Teasers Point to Challenging Times Up Ahead, Someone Might Be Coming Back!

With everything that’s happened in “Once Upon a Time” so far, some fans have started to question the future of the show and its potential to remain on the screen.

It started off strongly, and had a few great episodes in the beginning, but the appeal of the production seemed to quickly fade away for some fans, and by the time seasons three and four rolled around, many had already left.

The main complaint some fans seem to have with the show right now is the complexity of its writing. While having a complex plot is not a bad thing in general for a TV show – far from it – the state of “Once Upon a Time” can be better described as messy in many cases.

If the producers want to continue their work, they should definitely consider cleaning up the current state of things and organizing their cast a bit better. Some plot lines could probably be put to rest as well, in order to focus on the more important aspects of the show.

All in all, there is definitely room for improvement in “Once Upon a Time” right now, and hopefully the showrunners are going to make the necessary changes before it gets too late. In the eyes of some fans, it might already be too late though.

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