Winds of Winter Rumors Becoming more Conflicted on Book’s Current Status, Is a 2017 Release Still Possible? Let’s See

As George R. R. Martin remains quiet on the current state of his work on “Winds of Winter”, speculations are running wild all over the place, and his fans keep wondering what’s going on behind the scenes. It’s pretty clear at this point that a 2016 release is out of the question, but some have started to worry that the book might not even make it to the market next year.

Recent rumors about the situation keep pointing in completely different directions, and it’s hard to tell where the truth could possibly lie. On one hand, there are claims that the author is facing more and more trouble getting the book finished, and he’ll have to postpone it even beyond 2017.

That could be quite the depressing development for those who’ve been waiting for it all these years, especially fans who’ve been putting off watching the new releases of “Game of Thrones” for that reason. While the show itself will continue with or without Martin at some point, it’s obvious why some fans would prefer to read the books first.

The only thing Martin has had to say about the possible release date of the book is that “it will be done when it’s done”. He also assured his fans that he’s putting all the effort he can into this work, as he wants it to live up to the expectations people have for it right now.

And it’s hard to deny the fact that those expectations are definitely huge, and Martin will be facing a lot of criticism once the book is out. Some seem convinced that this is the main reason behind the delays too, as the author has been feeling burdened by the huge pressure of the attention on him.

The author also admitted that he’s well aware of how he’s making everyone feel right now, and he definitely didn’t sound pleased with himself regarding the current state of his work. This could lend some additional credibility to the claims that the main issue lies in the pressure on his shoulders at the moment.

Then we have more optimistic rumors indicating that the book might actually be close to completion, as Martin has already been proofreading it. Those rumors seem a bit harder to believe though, and many fans seem skeptical of them. It makes sense to approach such claims with caution too, as it’s very likely that we would have heard something more concrete if the book really was that close to being finished.

Martin himself would probably be eager to let people know if he was actually that close to getting the book done, so we wouldn’t trust those claims too much right now. But who knows, he might be preparing a special Christmas surprise for his fans with a major announcement that will blow everyone away. Nobody knows what’s going on behind the writer’s doors, and it looks like even his publisher is being kept in the dark to a large extent.

Some fans have been looking a bit farther into the future and seem worried about the book series as a whole. We’re going to get “Winds of Winter” eventually, there’s no reason to worry that the book won’t reach the market.

Winds of Winter

However, the author’s age has been progressing, and his health will not allow him to keep working on his books forever. Considering that “Winds of Winter” is not supposed to be the last installment in the series, that could be a huge problem.

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