‘No Man’s Sky’ to Enable Gamers to Explore a Truly Open Universe When It Comes Out in June 2016!

Those who are familiar with “Spore” and the hype that killed it are now expressing fears that “No Man’s Sky” might be headed towards the same fate. The game developers have been practically in every other gaming show and event in existence and even went to the extent of appearing on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” recently.

There have been a promotions overload of “No Man’s Sky” that if Hello Games could not live up to its own hype, the company and the game itself would fell flat on their faces once the game comes out on the PlayStation 4 and the PC in June 2016.

Some critics believe that based on the initial premise of the game, players may be interested in exploring planets for the second up to say the 10th to 15th time. But beyond that, they would sure get tired of doing it over and over again with hardly a storyline to follow or a mission to accomplish.

But if Hello Games really has something still up on its sleeve that it has yet to roll out after nearly a year of non-stop promotions, then the developer should consider announcing it soon. Apparently, the interest and excitement to the game as well as its luster would start wearing off especially if the developer cannot back up the immense universe of the game with a good storyline.

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