‘No Man’s Sky’ to Enable Gamers to Explore a Truly Open Universe When It Comes Out in June 2016!

The upcoming adventure exploration survival video game “No Man’s Sky” will enable gamers to explore a truly open universe for the first time when it officially rolls out on the PlayStation 4 and the PC in June 2016.

Game developer Hello Games confirmed the release date for “No Man’s Sky” during Sony’s inaugural Paris Games Week press conference held on October 27, notes Engadget.

In addition to announcing the release date for its highly-anticipated survival video game, Hello Games also dropped a new trailer for “No Man’s Sky” during the event.

The reason why “No Man’s Sky” is an open universe is because it features an infinitely expanding galaxy of procedurally-generated planets where players can fly seamlessly from the surface of a planet to another. Every star in the sky is a planet that players can visit.

Prior to the official announcement of Hello Games during the Paris Games Week, there were reports saying that “No Man’s Sky” would be released on October 27. Apparently, the rumors fell short as October 27 actually became the date when the release date of the game was announced and not the actual day of the game’s official launching.

World’s biggest video game universe

“No Man’s Sky” was first announced in December 2013 so the heightened level of anticipation, excitement, and enthusiasm about it is no longer surprising at this time.

But given that the game was aiming to create literally the world’s biggest video game universe of all time, with practically an infinite amount of explorable solar systems and planets, a long development time was quite understandable, notes Forbes.

However, two years in game development is an eternity, especially if the game developer is not in the league of Rockstar, EA, Bethesda, or Ubisoft, which have created successful strings of video game hits in the past. Hello Games is considered an upstart working on an extremely ambitious game, size-wise.

The developer released a brand new trailer of “No Man’s Sky” at the Paris Games Week titled “I’ve Seen Things” but it does not use the perfect “Blade Runner” voice over of the Tears in Rain Speech. It also featured attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion.

Although Hello Games claims the latest trailer as brand new, it merely crafts a similar narrative. The footage appears to be exactly what were shown since December 2013. In other words, except for a bit of focus on combat, the new trailer hardly offered anything new to the widely-anticipating and enthusiastic fans of the game.

No idea about gameplay

And just like in the past, gamers are still in the dark as to how “No Man’s Sky” will play out because, despite a string of media appearances in various gaming events, the creators were not exactly able to explain it properly.

However, astute gamers already know for a fact that “No Man’s Sky” will be focusing on collecting resources and allow gamers to earn money. From there, they can create fuel and travel further out into space.

Once they are in the unexplored planets, they get to name all the new plants and wildlife that they can find. However beyond those things, experts no longer know what gamers should do or what will happen.

no man's sky

It is actually because of such reason why “No Man’s Sky” appears to be similar to “Spore,” the evolution simulator which was previously hyped as allowing players to evolve life from a single-celled organism into a zillion different possibilities.

As everybody knows by now, “Spore” turned out to be shallow and a disappointing experience to gamers, who originally thought that it would fundamentally change the gaming landscape with its innate creativity. Although it was generally a technical success, graphics-wise, the game itself was barely a game.

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