‘Pokemon Z’ Rumored to Fuse Two Legendary Characters from Pokemon X and Pokemon Y

There are already plenty of rumors about the role-playing game “Pokemon Z” as possibly the next iteration of “Pokemon X” and “Pokemon Y.” Developed by Game Freak, a subsidiary of The Pokemon Company, “Pokemon X” and “Pokemon Y” were released simultaneously on the Nintendo 3DS in October 2013.

What seems to be consistent among the speculations is that the game would be released anytime in 2016 on the Nintendo 3DS, or about three years after its predecessor games were released to the same gaming platform.

Interestingly, there are reports saying that “Pokemon Z” will fuse the two legendary characters of “Pokemon X” and “Pokemon Y,” who are Xerneas and Yveltal, respectively, to form or join forces with Zygarde, the main character of the upcoming game, details KpopStarz.

Accordingly, Zygarde will somehow create a union with Xerneas and Yveltal, which surely had fans and gamers increasingly excited about the next role-playing game from Game Freak, which is expected to be published again by Nintendo.

The rumors about the fusing of two characters from “Pokemon X” and “Pokemon Y” also appear to have a good leg to stand on because there have been leaks indicating that “Pokemon Z” has red cells on its left wing and blue cells on its right wing.

November announcement

While either Game Freak or Nintendo has yet to make an official statement about the release date of “Pokemon Z,” what seems to be more pronounced in the rumor mill at this time is the upcoming release of “Pokemon Go,” the mobile augmented reality game.

“Pokemon Z” remains a mystery at this time and the only evidence of its existence comes from speculations regarding the new anime season and new forms for the legendary Pokemon Zygarde. As for “Pokemon Go,” it is pretty much confirmed because it already has an official trailer but a release date or gameplay demo has yet to be announced.

“Pokemon Go” is being co-developed by Game Freak and mobile developer Niantics. There are speculations saying that an announcement will be made about “Pokemon Go” and “Pokemon Z” next month.

The rumors stemmed from a recent tweet by Junichi Masuda, director of the main “Pokemon” games, who posted that he would be making an appearance on the Japanese TV show “Pokemon Get TV” next month, details Christian Today.

However, both Masuda and The Pokemon Company did not say that his guesting on “Pokemon Get TV” on November 15 will have something to do with an announcement about “Pokemon Z” or “Pokemon Go.” The speculations were triggered by the fact that Masuda’s appearance on “Pokemon Get TV” will come one day after the release of the next issue of “CoroCoro” magazine on November 14.

Unofficial source of information

Fans and gamers of the “Pokemon” video game franchise can very well remember that it was the CoroCoro magazine which first made the disclosure or leaks about “Pokemon Z” some months ago that is why it has become an unofficial source about the upcoming video game.

There are speculations going around that there is a possibility that the CoroCoro magazine release on November 14 will confirm the existence of “Pokemon Z” and also reveal a release window for “Pokemon Go.” It will more or less clarify the issue on the release dates of the games instead of just being 2016.

pokemon z

Accordingly, Masuda’s guesting on “Pokemon Get TV” will be a perfect opportunity for him and The Pokemon Company to set the records straight and clarify all the rumors going around about “Pokemon Go” and “Pokemon Z” including the announcement of their release dates.

Just like the “Pokemon X” and “Pokemon Y,” “Pokemon Z” will also be a role-playing video game with adventure elements presented in a third-person, overhead perspective. It is expected to have 3D functions consistent with its predecessor games.

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