‘Pokemon Z’ Rumored to Fuse Two Legendary Characters from Pokemon X and Pokemon Y

The player shall control a young trainer who will go on a quest to catch and train creatures known as Pokemon and win battles against other trainers. By defeating enemy Pokemon in battles, the player will gain experience, allowing him to level up and increase his battle statistics, learn new battle techniques, and in some cases, even evolve into a more powerful Pokemon.

Players can also opt to capture wild Pokemon that can be found during random encounters by weakening them in battle and catching them with Poke Balls and eventually add the creature to their fighting teams.

Meanwhile, The Pokemon Company and Build-A-Bear have just teamed up to introduce plush Pikachus, undoubtedly the most popular Pokemon character of all time, not just online but also to the Build-A-Bear workshops in North America, Europe, and Australia. The Pikachu plush toys that can be assembled on the workshops will only be made available via Build-A-Bear.

Monika Salazar, director of licensing of The Pokemon Company, says that Pokemon and Build-A-Bear Workshop both create memorable experiences for fans of all ages. She added that the company is extremely delighted to partner with a brand like Build-A-Bear Workshop that represents fun and friendship.

Accordingly, there will be customization options for Pikachu which includes a Poke Ball hoodie that gamers would really want to avail of before the coming of “Pokemon Z.”

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