Microsoft Surface Pro 4 to Come Out in October Already Featuring Solid State Drive from Samsung

Nadella said that the company has to make tough choices which somehow hint that it may eventually discontinue the products that are not reaping good rewards for Microsoft.

Microsoft may altogether abort the launching of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, but chances are the product is already available for unveiling and the only way that the company can stop producing the device is to make it the last iteration of its tablet-laptop combo.

Accordingly, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will have the same size and weight as its predecessor but with a significantly thinner form factor.

The device will be powered reportedly by the fan-less Intel Broadwell mobile processor. It will sport a 12-inch touchscreen display that shall have a screen resolution of 2,160 x 1,440 which is similar to that of the Surface Pro 3.

There are also reports that Microsoft might launch a bigger variant of the Surface Pro 4 featuring a 14-inch touchscreen display. Accordingly, the entry level of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will also have the same price as the Surface Pro 3.

Microsoft has also stated that it would work in ensuring the compatibility of accessories to the Surface Pro 4 including its Type Cover 3 and Docking Station.

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