OnePlus Two Not Planning to Compete with 2015 Flagship Smartphones; More Interested in Looking into the Future

Because of the massive success of the OnePlus One last year, which was regarded as the flagship killer of 2014, Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus has been under a intense pressure to ensure that its upcoming flagship smartphone would be even better than its predecessor.

If all the reports about the specifications and features of the OnePlus Two are right on cue, then OnePlus is well on course to doing itself better with the impending release of its latest flagship smartphone on July 27 in the UK.

However, in order to ease the pressure of competition and deflect their attention to somewhere else, OnePlus recently issued an official statement on the official company blog regarding its OnePlus Two.

According to the Chinese smartphone maker, the OnePlus Two was not created to compete with the flagship smartphones released in 2015 because the company is more interested in looking further into the future, details Know Your Mobile.

OnePlus said that the OnePlus One has ignited a whole new way of thinking. The company has likewise grown in number and experience but what remained constant is its insatiable hunger to create new waves in the industry.

The company said that it has no intention of joining the ranks of the big players in the industry because it believes that its success and direction should not be dictated by the yardstick created by companies trying to stifle the innovation they purportedly inspire.

Features and specifications

The OnePlus Two will be powered by a 64-bit processor, a USB Type-C with patented cable, a 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM, a fingerprint sensor faster than the iPhone.

The device shall also come out with its customs ROM OxygenOS, which are equally pioneering. It shall also come with features that will not be available in other devices until the release of Android M operating system.

Unlike the OnePlus One which has poor LTE support, the OnePlus Two will support a whole lot more, including a 4G connection.

Meanwhile, the Phone Arena reported that the camera of the OnePlus Two was recently compared to various flagship smartphones and it turned out that it can really hold its own against the competition.

The site actually compared the night camera outputs of the OnePlus Two and it was essentially comparable to the other flagships including the LG G4.

More supply

Despite making a name for itself right on its first foray in the mobile phone market last year, Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus has obviously learned a great lesson in economics. In order to meet consumer demands, it has to have sufficient supply.

Unfortunately, it was not the case for the company for OnePlus One, but in a good way. The Chinese handset maker was actually caught by surprise by the resounding success of its 2014 flagship killer that the company eventually found itself with scarce supply to meet the strong demand.

Typical of a sound business strategy, OnePlus was also correct in its conservative production of the OnePlus One prior to releasing it to the market. Introducing a new product in a highly-competitive market in great quantity is a great risk and many companies have already died because of too much inventory.

oneplus two

So when OnePlus One hit the market last year and was met with an overwhelming positive response, the Chinese smartphone maker got itself a happy problem. It needed to produce more OnePlus One to be able to meet the huge demand.

OnePlus promised flagship specifications and superb aesthetics with the OnePlus One at half the price compared to the other flagship smartphones of other big name companies and that was what the company delivered.

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