Once Upon a Time Season 5 to Explore the Disturbing Side of Emma Swan!

“Once Upon a Time” is going to dive deep into some of its characters for its upcoming season 5, such as Emma Swan, who’s going to be shown in a much darker and more disturbing light. The show’s cast are currently in the process of filming episodes for the new season, and we’ve already seen some photo leaks that show Jennifer Morrison as Dark Sawn.

These photos also give some hints about her relationship with Hook, who hasn’t abandoned her after she went dark in the finale of the last season, and it actually looks like the couple might have strengthened their relationship, sharing a special moment in the newly released photos.

Colin O’Donoghue, who plays the role of Hook, has recently spoken about the new season of the show during his attendance at Comic-Con, and he gave some hints about what fans could expect from the relationship between him and Emma. It looks like he’s never going to abandon her, no matter what happens – even when her dark side has come out.

However, as always, it’s not that simple – it’s actually going to be messy and complicated, and the new season is likely going to feature quite a lot of drama for the two characters. Hook has been trying to kill the Dark One for centuries, and now his girlfriend is the Dark One, as the actor put it himself, so obviously it’s not going to be easy to move the plot forward from here. In the end though, Hook’s love for Emma goes very deep, and he’ll do whatever he has to do in order to protect her and bring her back to her good side.

After all, he remembers who he originally fell in love with, and just like Belle was able to see the good side in Rumple, Hook shares the same feelings towards Emma. We don’t know if he’ll decide to go dark again in an attempt to bring her back – O’Donoghue himself said that he had no idea either. Of course, that could be just a misleading statement meant to conceal what’s coming in the new season, and it wouldn’t be the first time that people involved with the show have been secretive about its upcoming developments.

Previously, a report claimed that Emma will do her best to fight off her dark impulses, and when she was the savior, she had access to powerful light magic capabilities, something which is currently in conflict with the dark side of her.

This will be a major point of the new season’s plot, and we’re going to see a very deep, intricate internal struggle for Emma. With the help of Hook, this is going to become the kind of love story that the fans of this show should definitely appreciate.

Josh Dallas has been giving fans some hints that they should prepare themselves well for the premiere of the new season, and both him and Ginnifer Goodwin have been teasing about the new episodes in various ways. Dallas revealed that the parents of Emma are possibly going to go quite far to get their daughter back, although this is not going to surprise anyone.

Once Upon A Time Season 4

He acknowledges that they’ve done some terrible things, but at the same time they’ve been trying hard, and they always idolize the good above all else. So we’re likely going to see some interesting developments for those characters as well, possibly even exploring some surprising aspects of their personalities.


  1. I liked this show better before it became Everyone Loves Hook meets All About Hook meets Enough About Hook Lets Talk About Hook.

  2. I guess I don’t really understand why Hook would worry that Emma is the Dark One now. The reason he spent all those centuries trying to kill Rumple as the DarkOne was because he killed Milah, which actually did him a favor as we would never have met Emma then( well he probably would but …).i just hope this is the last season of challenging CS- yes I know drama sells shows and angst is part of it but how much more do they need to go through. We can still have angst and challenge in the show and they can still be who they each are, challenging each other etc but their relationship doesn’t need to continue to be challenged every epsides.

  3. This whole “Dark Swan” story arc is nothing but a joke. Emma has a moral out if she ever commits murder or any other serious crime in Season 5. All the fans have to do is say “the devil made her do it”. Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis lack the balls to have Emma’s moral compass or potential for evil honestly explored. I’m bored with this story arc already.

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