Mia Khalifa Reveals the Qualities that She Looks for in a Man and Her Ideal Valentine’s Day, More Details!

But she knows and admires great football players when she sees one. She is very vocal about her fascination with football great Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos, as well as many other football superstars, be they are veterans or upstarts.

She knows the ABCs of football so she often speaks a mouthful about football games and players and posts them via her Twitter account.

Mia Khalifa sparked outrage in the Middle East after making her porn debut in October 2014. While she was born in Lebanon, she actually moved to the US when she was still a teenager.

Subsequently, her parents issued a statement claiming that they have cut their ties with their daughter after discovering she is a pornstar.

They said that they are probably paying the price of living away from their homeland because their kids had to adapt to societies that don’t resemble the Lebanese culture, traditions, and values.

They added that they have disassociated themselves from Mia’s actions which do not reflect family beliefs, her upbringing, or her true Lebanese roots. Just the same, they said that they still hope and pray that Mia comes back to her senses as her image does not honor her family or her homeland.

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