Mia Khalifa Reveals the Qualities that She Looks for in a Man and Her Ideal Valentine’s Day, More Details!

As the most popular adult film star in the world, it is not difficult to assume that Mia Khalifa has throngs of male fans and admirers the world over.

But the Lebanese-American porn star recently posted on Twitter the qualities that she looks for in a man, which surely had many of her swooning male fans really excited.

Unfortunately for them, when she made the post early this month, she was not being romantic but was actually in a joking mood. She tweeted on February 5 that the six qualities she looks for in a man are black hair, loyal, good at cuddling, loves when she comes home, wet nose, and four paws.

The first four attributes may be okay but the last two qualities are obviously not since those belong to dogs. Apparently, Mia was referring to the qualities of her pet dog and not the man of her dreams.

Ideal Valentine’s Day

The day before, she also tweeted about her ideal Valentine’s Day. But then, she was not feeling romantic but was in the mood for eating. She said that she would spend her Valentine’s Day eating chicken wings.

Mia Khalifa shared pictures of her favorite finger food on Twitter showing the dish on the paper wrap being used for flower bouquets. She captioned it by saying that she would like to treat herself to chicken wings on Valentine’s Day, notes the International Business Times of UK.

Meanwhile, it always pays off to be an avid fan of a sports team for someone like Mia Khalifa that is. Her passion in supporting the Washington Capitals in the National Hockey League and the Washington Wizards in the National Basketball Association got noticed by team owner Monumental Sports and Entertainment (MSE) that she was gifted with several sports items on January 26.

Mia Khalifa proudly posted on her Twitter account the items that she got from MSE including a cap, a red sneaker, and an autographed volleyball and expressing her gratitude to MSE, before putting a hashtag #DCrising on the caption.

The adult film star would have wanted to watch the Washington Capitals play in the NHL but she was not able to. So she decided instead to watch the game of the Washinton Wizards on January 26 at the Verizon Center against the visiting Boston Celtics.

She even posted a Snapchat of the Verizon Center with the teams at play on her Twitter account and also took a selfie of herself having a blast at the game.

Mia was seen wearing checkered long sleeves over a body-hugging tee donning a Washington Wizards cap. She also kept her eyeglasses and she appears to have blended well with the crowd.

Obviously, she was hardly recognized in the crowd as the most searched pornstar in Pornhub unless there was someone out there who has been following her on social media for quite some time already.

Not shifting allegiances

Interestingly, Mia Khalifa is from Florida and is an avid fan of the football teams of her state. But when it comes to hockey and basketball, she’s all for the Washington teams.

So despite the northeast blizzard that recently swept the US, she still traveled to Maryland just to watch her favorite teams play.

While many are alluding that she may already be switching allegiances from supporting Florida to Washington, it seems that those are merely game-specific. She still vouches for Florida football teams.

mia khalifa

Since she is based in Florida, her passion for supporting the Florida State Seminoles, the college football team of the Florida State University is quite obvious. In fact, the Lebanese-American pornstar at one point even claimed on Twitter that she is the unofficial mascot of the Florida State Seminoles.

She also roots for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers when it comes to the National Football League (NFL) and perhaps the Miami Dolphins, both teams based in Florida.

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