‘Longmire’ Season 5 Production Begins March 23; First Episode to Reveal Intruder from the Get-Go!

Prior to getting married to Sean, Vic also had an affair with her married superior officer, Ed Gorski, while in Philadelphia. Vic was eventually forced to leave town after she turned in Gorski’s partner, Bobby Donolato, which led the latter to commit suicide and Gorski swearing revenge on her.

In one of the previous episodes of “Longmire,” Vic and Sean were having a vacation when they ended up being abducted and assaulted by Chance Gilbert and his group of separatists.

They were eventually rescued by Walt Longmire and Gorski. In the aftermath, Sean demanded that Vic turns in her two weeks’ notice in the county. When she did not do what her husband wanted to, Sean had the Sheriff serve her with divorce papers. She eventually hooked up with a former friend Deputy Branch Connally, but she is generally single since.

So seeing Longmire having that romantic interlude with Vic may just be a fleeting moment and not for keeps as it seems that the Sheriff has his eyes on Dr. Donna Sue Monahan.

In fact, the Season 4 cliffhanger was about an intruder which interrupted the intimate moments of Longmire and Dr. Monahan.

What is clear and consistent among the speculations is that Season 5 of “Longmire” will provide the answer to the cliffhanger left during the Season 4 finale regarding the identity of the intruder who cut short the romantic interlude of Walt and Donna Sue.

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