‘Iron Man 4’ Already Unnecessary Because of Marvel’s Current Success, Say Critics!

Back in 2014, there have been rumors that an “Iron Man 4” movie might be in the works and the speculations were fanned no less by Robert Downey Jr. himself when he hinted during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres that he is ready to don the iron suit again for another Iron Man stand-alone movie.

Now, it is becoming clear that there won’t be any “Iron Man 4” movie, or at least in Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe beginning this year until 2020. Reports also have it that the actor talked about “Iron Man 4” late in 2014 to drum up publicity for his upcoming movie then titled “The Judge.”

However, in a recent interview, Downey changed his tune and revealed that there is not going to be an “Iron Man 4” by saying that it is not in the cards of Marvel Studios, details Dark Horizons.

He also said that “Captain America: Civil War,” which is “Captain America 3” is his little “Iron Man 4” since Iron Man and Captain America will be the main superhero characters in the movie, more than any other member of the Avengers.

After his stint with “Captain America: Civil War,” it will be back to the thing everyone recognizes, referring to the two-part “Avengers: Infinity War.” He said that everything pulls over to the side of the road when the thunder of an Avengers thing comes through because that’s how it is until it changes or if it changes at all.

No longer Tony Stark-centric MCU

According to critics, given the success of Marvel Studios in its superhero movies, they no longer need a fourth Tony Stark stand-alone adventure, cites Forbes.

At the beginning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe some five years ago, Iron Man may have defined Phase One because all his movies made more money than any other Avengers stand-alone films that followed, it seems that things started to change sometime late in 2013.

“Iron Man” made $585 million, “Iron Man 2” made $623 million, and “Iron Man 3” made $1.2 billion. The other stand-alone films of Marvel superheroes did not do much as “The Incredible Hulk” made $263 million, “Thor” made $449 million, and “Captain America: The First Avenger” made $370 million.

The two Avengers films can hardly be considered in the same equation since those two films are basically Tony Stark-centered movies as well.

But beginning with “Thor: The Dark World” late in 2013, things begin to change for Marvel for the better. The movie made $642 million, outgrossing the first two Iron Man films. In 2014, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” grossed $714 million before “Guardians of the Galaxy” amassed $773 million and established Marvel as a brand unto itself.

In short, Marvel does not need an “Iron Man 4” to ensure continuity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With the upcoming showing of “Captain America: Civil War” on May 6, more stand-alone Marvel movies will follow including “Doctor Strange,” “Black Panther,” and “Spider-Man.”

The most bankable actor

Without a doubt, Robert Downey Jr. is still the most bankable actor among the Avengers superheroes these days and because of his performance for the franchise, many fans are still hoping to see him in “Iron Man 4.”

His last stand-alone film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe “Iron Man 3” is currently at No. 10 on the list of all-time highest grossing movies. And only “Marvel’s The Avengers,” at No. 5, and “Avengers: Age of Ultron” at No. 7 have done better than “Iron Man 3,” box-office wise.

Iron Man 4

After much speculations, Robert Downey Jr. has recently opened his mouth and spoke about “Iron Man 4” and the outspoken American actor said a mouthful.

It has been widely speculated that if and when “Iron Man 4” is greenlit by Marvel Studios for a possible 2019 or 2020 release date, the actor would no longer be as agile as he was and that the age factor would have already caught up with him by then.

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