‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 9 Remaining Episodes May Feature Penny Deciding on a New Career!

Season 9 of the long-running sitcom on CBS, “The Big Bang Theory” is on a three-week hiatus to give way for the NCAA championships on the network and its episode 19 will air on the network on March 31.

While most of the spoilers of the next episode featured more of Leonard, played by Johnny Galecki, and Howard, showrunner Steve Molaro disclosed that there might be a change in the career of Penny in the remaining episodes of Season 9, notwithstanding that she is already married.

As fans of “The Big Bang Theory” know, the career of Penny, played by Kaley Cuoco, has been one of the most tumultuous parts of her life since being introduced in Season 1. She spent most of her early years in the show working as a waitress and bartender at the Cheesecake Factory in order to supplement her acting career that was neither here nor there, notes the International Business Times.

She eventually quit her job and joined her friend Bernadette, played by Melissa Rauch, at her pharmaceutical company, and thus giving up her dream of being an actress. She has been working with Bernadette since the Season 8 of “The Big Bang Theory” and it seems that it is going to change soon.

Revisiting Penny’s career

Molaro confirmed that it’s time for Season 9 to revisit Penny’s career because he and the writers have been thinking about where Penny is in her life professionally.

The executive producer said that while Penny is doing well in her current career, it is obvious that she is not in love with it, alluding perhaps that they intend to make Penny realized her acting dream.

In a recent interview with Kaley Cuoco, the actress said that the new career of Penny won’t involve a return to acting.

Now that she is already married to Leonard, Penny is quite satisfied with a normal income. So it would really be interesting to find out what her new career would be.

Getting into trouble for watching a movie

Episode 19 of “The Big Bang Theory” is titled “The Soldier Excursion Diversion” and it will pick up immediately after the events of episode 18 that was aired on March 10 entitled “The Application Deterioration.”

In the past episode, Leonard and Howard work towards getting their superfluid helium idea patented. However, they found out that under the University’s rules, only 25% of the earnings will go to them while the bigger 75% shall go to the University.

In the upcoming episode, Leonard and Howard will get into trouble, not because of their disappointing earnings from their patent idea, but because their white lie will be exposed apparently by Raj.

The duo will be shopping for material when they chance upon an advertisement of Will Smith’s movie. So the two decided to watch the premiere of the movie and told a lie to Bernadette and Penny, who are at the lab with Raj.

While they were watching the Will Smith film, Leonard and Howard send a text message to Raj and teased him that he was missing out on a great movie. That’s when Raj decides to tell the truth to the girls, details Yibada.

Leonard and Howard figured that Bernadette and Penny already knew the truth when they got back and that they might be in trouble so they take their revenge with Raj by spoiling the movie for him.

the big bang theory season 8

Meanwhile, Sheldon and Amy go shopping after Sheldon’s laptop crashes and he needed to buy a new one. Sheldon also told Amy that he has a secret about using his laptop and he decides to share it with her. But he forces her to sign a non-disclosure agreement and wants her to keep a secret.

Sheldon reveals that he maintains a store room where he keeps everything he has ever owned and he just can’t part ways with his old stuff.

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