Jennifer Lopez to Produce World of Dance on NBC as Network Orders a 10-Episode Season!

Exact details about the production’s schedule haven’t been revealed yet, but we expect to see news about that in the coming weeks/months. The show’s casting has already started though, so those who’re interested in trying their feet should definitely head over and see what they have.

But anyone going down that road should most definitely prepare for a serious competition, as this show is already attracting a lot of interest from dancing communities. We expect to see some great performances on the screen once the season launches, and with the guidance of Jennifer Lopez this could easily turn out to be one of the most successful dancing competition shows launched in quite the long time.

Meanwhile, Lopez has been maintaining her career active in other directions as well, and it doesn’t look like she’s giving up on her own singing anytime soon. Considering the popularity she enjoys right now though, it makes perfect sense to keep that career going.

It would be interesting to see if she manages to release anything new while she’s also engaged with her work on the show, but fans of Lopez are probably familiar with the fact that she can be quite the good multitasker in her work. We wouldn’t be surprised if she actually uses her experience on the show as inspiration for her own work, as she is surely going to see some performances that are going to amaze even someone with her experience and success.

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