Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Now Enjoying a Relationship with Less Clatter After Going Under the Media Radar!

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are now busy with their flourishing acting careers and they just squeeze love somewhere in between their free time and in their own privacy.

Gone are the days that whenever both are free from any commitments, they are often seen in public together, having fun and also attending events.

The result of their decision prompted many of the media to speculate that they have already broken up since the last time that they were spotted together in public was in October last year.

Surprisingly, despite the rumors that they have broken up, there was no official statement made by either Emma Stone or Andrew Garfield over the issue or their respective representatives.

There were even rumors saying that Emma Stone has become too close to his favorite leading man in Ryan Gosling while filming for their upcoming musical drama movie “La La Land” which was the main reason for her alleged breakup with Andrew Garfield.

Surprisingly, Eva Mendes also did not raise hell on the issue since she and Ryan have been living together for quite some time and they also share a baby daughter together. Thus, it became clear later on that the rumors about Emma and Ryan were merely intended to hype their third movie pairing together. “La La Land” is expected to hit theaters in December this year.

The sighting changed everything

But the recent sighting of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield together in a luxurious yacht vacation off the coast of Turkey and Greece early last month changed the media perception about their relationship entirely.

Apparently, they have not broken up contrary to speculations. Or if they really did, they seemed to have rekindled their romance quite abruptly.

The two were spotted onboard the luxury yacht with Andrew’s younger brother and a few friends.

The speculations are now saying that there was no split in October 2015. The couple just decided to have their relationship under the radar in order to avoid misunderstandings and breakups based on mostly unfounded rumors, reports Jobs & Hire.

The origin of the last breakup rumors

Both Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone have never announced that they have broken up in October last year. What is confirmed is that they have broken up in March last year only to rekindle their romance in May 2015.

The rumors about their October breakup began to circulate when Andrew Garfield failed to make an appearance in one of the awards nights where Emma Stone was nominated for her role in “Birdman.”

There were also rumors that Garfield has cheated with Emma which caused their latest split and in fact, “The Amazing Spider-Man” actor was spotted in London in February this year with a mysterious woman having dinner.

Eventually, there came rumors saying that Emma Stone is now dating Austin Stowell, who happens to be her co-star in the movie “Battle of the Sexes,” notes Asia Stars News.

While Andrew is doing a couple of films overseas, Emma has four movies in the lineup which would come out to theaters from this year including “La La Land,” “Cruella,” “The Favorite,” and “Battle of the Sexes.”

“La La Land” is due to hit theaters in December and an official trailer of the movie already came out just recently, showing the obvious on-cam chemistry between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.

emma stone and andrew garfield

The two play aspiring artists trying to make it in Los Angeles. Gosling plays as a jazz singer while Stone portrays the role of an actress. The short clip featured both their struggles and successes and interestingly, showed Ryan Gosling, singing in most of the movie.

Just from the trailer alone, “La La Land” is obviously a romantic, whimsical, and even a bit surrealist of a movie, directed by Damien Chazelle.

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