Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Now Enjoying a Relationship with Less Clatter After Going Under the Media Radar!

Incidentally, while Andrew Garfield felt bad about losing the Spider-Man role, it came to him as a blessing in disguise as he was able to get more film projects. He eventually realized that he was meant to do other things than playing a superhero character.

One other important thing he obtained is he got to keep Emma Stone since they started dating in 2011. Although their relationship has been under the media microscope because they do look good as a couple, which resulted to them getting into the stage of on-again and off-again, it seems that they both have learned their lessons from it and have decided to keep everything to themselves.

So while the reports are saying that they have broken up again last October, neither one of them has spoken about the true state of their relationship. It only made the rumor mills again when they were spotted last month having a luxurious yacht vacation off the coasts of Turkey and Greece.

It now seems like it’s back to peace and quiet again for celebrity couple Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield after their hiatus early last month.

The couple has obviously decided not to talk about their relationship to the media so they have gone back to being silent and kept themselves away from the limelight after their vacation.

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