Silicon Valley Season 3 to Be Followed by more Appearances of Big Head and Bachman, Could Arrive Earlier Than Fans Expect!

“Silicon Valley” was one of the most successful productions on TV when it launched, and the show has been on a winning streak ever since. Season 3 came with various interesting twists that took fans by surprise more than once – including at the very end of the season – and there are currently strong expectations for the next round of episodes. Judging by the various rumors that we’ve been hearing so far, the season might end up the strongest one for the show until now.

Things were looking grim for the team last time we saw them, but then they were blessed by an unexpected turn of events which put them in a much more favorable position. Still, they have some serious challenges ahead of them, and will have to put some serious thought into their plans for Pied Piper if they want to push through.

According to reports, the producers are planning more screen time for Bachman and Big Head for season 4, in response to some common complaints that have been popping up on discussion forums. Fans seem to like the two characters more than the producers expected, but at least they seem willing to listen and are responding adequately.

There are also rumors that the next season might take a more serious turn and look at things from a more realistic perspective. Not all fans have been happy about that idea, as the show built its success partially thanks to its lighthearted approach to some otherwise serious issues.

It also drew some interesting parallels between real companies and fictional ones presented on the screen, and going for a more realistic approach could kill the vibe around those ideas. Still, the producers of the show have made it clear that they know exactly what they’re doing for three seasons in a row, so we trust that they also have some interesting plans for the next one.

Some fans seem convinced that the show needs a new major player to enter the scene in order to keep things fresh, someone of the same caliber as Hooli. However, the scene is already quite full of competitors and aggressive corporations, so it could be argued that this might make things too crowded for the show’s own good. Unless, of course, the producers are also planning to take someone out of the equation, but that’s just speculation for now.

Another topic that commonly gets brought up in fan discussions is the possibility of a traitor within the team. There have been various plot twists regarding the relationships of different character, and it definitely wouldn’t be out of style for this show to reveal yet another betrayal like that, but not everyone is convinced that this would actually be a beneficial move for the production at the moment. Perhaps if things start moving too well for the main characters, we could see something like that.

silicon valley season 3

It would also be interesting to see if the producers decide to reflect on any current events in the real world for the next season, as it’s not rare for the show to make such references. We’ve already seen various popular topics explored in detail in several episodes, and while “Silicon Valley” tends to take a more lighthearted approach to these issues, the showrunners still usually have something interesting to say. There is quite a lot happening in the world right now, enough to give the writers some inspiration for season 4.

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