Jennifer Lawrence Confirms that ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ will be the Last Time She will Play Mystique

There are reports that the relationship of Chris and Jennifer is getting to the point of serious that is why the Coldplay frontman is already preparing himself to pop the question to his girlfriend.

There have also been reports early this year that Gwyneth has expressed her support and gave her thumb of approval to the relationship of her ex-husband and the “The Hunger Games” actress.

For her part, Gwyneth also appears to have moved on from her failed marriage too as she is now in a relationship with “Glee” producer Brad Falchuk.

Less than two weeks ago, reports also came out that Jennifer was already pushing Chris to formalize and finalize his divorce with Gwyneth so that they can open up the possibility of getting married too. Eventually, Gwyneth filed the divorce papers last month.

The same reports also detailed that Jennifer actually gave Chris an ultimatum to do something about his impending divorce with Gwyneth lest he loses her ultimately. Apparently, Chris does not want that to happen so he talked to Gwyneth and convinced her into filing their divorce papers in court eventually.

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