Apple iPod Touch 6th Generation Will Be Like an iPod Converged with an iPhone

The upcoming Apple iPod Touch 6th Generation is expected to be like the usual iPod but is converged with an iPhone.

This means that the features of the upcoming music device from the American tech giant shall combine those that were highlighted on the iPod Touch 5th Generation released to the retail markets in 2012 and the latest iPhones.

The Apple iPod Touch 6th Generation is expected to be unveiled in the fall of this year and will likely make it to the retail markets around September, which will be simultaneous to the roll-out of the next iPhones from the Cupertino-based tech company.

While there have been previous skepticisms about the launching of the iPod Touch 6th Generation as some believe that the iPod Touch 5th Generation is to be the last media player to come out from Apple, Crossmap thinks that the deluge of information, features and specifications that have already been released since last year, really makes the iPod Touch 6th Generation a plausible reality.

Since Apple has not been making any official statement to either confirm or deny the speculations about the iPod Touch 6th Generation, many argue that it has been typical of Apple to be mum on all its gadgets and devices prior to their launchings. The company usually makes official statements during or after its product launches.

Return of the glory days

The Apple iPod Touch 6th Generation is expected to bring back the glory days of the iPod market whose heyday happened almost three years ago, when it is officially launched in September 2015 along with the latest iPhone from the American tech giant.

While the iPod Touch 5th Generation was not as impressive as its predecessors, considering that it had very little improvements, it still captured the fancy of music lovers when it was launched in 2012 since it was the time when interest on the MP3 media player and app were at its high.

The iPod Touch somewhat lost its luster when the new and larger iPhones started coming in featuring the capabilities of the music player, without the thinness and the weight. Since then, the iPod has played second fiddle to the iPhone.

Apparently, Apple is no longer content on seeing the iPod Touch 6th Generation playing second fiddle to the iPhones so it is making sure that when the latest iteration of its media player comes out, it shall be fully-loaded with features and state-of-the-art technology.

Captured market

In addition to its water-resistant and Siri features, Apple is said to be putting a lot of firsts on the music device to ensure that it will have a captured market once it’s released this coming September

Apple iPod Touch 6G

Accordingly, the iPod Touch 6th Generation shall feature Apple’s mobile payment system, the Apple Pay. The device shall be powered by an A9 microprocessor, which is way better than the chipset currently being used in the manufacture of the iPhone 6. The processor is said to be better and faster although at this point in time, the A9 microprocessor has yet to officially come out from production.

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