OnePlus Two to Launch in June with Android-Based Oxygen OS Instead of Cyanogen OS

Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus will be launching its upcoming flagship smartphone next month but it shall come with a major change from its highly-successful OnePlus One introduced globally last year.

Instead of having the Cyanogen OS for its Android-based mobile operating system just like its predecessor, OnePlus Two shall come out with the highly-touted Oxygen OS when it is formally introduced in June.

Not that OnePlus finds Cyanogen OS inferior compared to the Oxygen OS but the decision has something to do with the formal ending of business relationship between the Chinese smartphone maker and CyanogenMod recently brought about by a legal mess that OnePlus got itself embroiled with lately with the India-based smartphone maker Micromax.

Micromax is also a client of Cyanogen. When the two companies agreed to collaborate a few years back, Cyanogen concurred that Micromax will have exclusive rights to its software products over India and other South Asian markets.

Other than India, Cyanogen actually gave Micromax exclusive license over Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, and Myanmar.

OnePlus, on the other hand, was given by Cyanogen a global non-exclusive license for the use of its OS on its devices.

So when OnePlus decided to expand its market for its flagship smartphone OnePlus One to India, Micromax decided to bring the matter into the New Delhi High Court which eventually ruled in its favor, citing that allowing the entry of OnePlus devices in India with Cyanogen software on it is an infringement of its exclusive rights, reports Venture Capital Post.

As a result, OnePlus had no other recourse but to terminate its partnership with CyanogenMod though the latter company made it clear that it will still continue to provide needed support for OnePlus One smartphones which are still running on their OS.

A better smartphone

If it’s any consolation to OnePlus Two, the Oxygen OS comes with its own custom ROM by OnePlus, and OnePlus One can also take on the OS if users so wish.

OnePlus One was last year’s most exciting Android phone and with the killer features of the OnePlus Two, it looks like the smartphone will continue the winning ways of its predecessor.

Accordingly, OnePlus Two will sport 5.5-inch screen display to be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor. It shall have a 4GB of RAM, a better resolution and a very generous 3,300 mAH of battery.

The company is reportedly planning to launch two smartphones in June – one for the low-end market and the other one for high-end. The one for low-end is to be called OnePlus One Lite, while the one for high-end is obviously the OnePlus Two.

oneplus two

After its launch in June, it is likely that OnePlus Two will hit the retail markets either late in the second quarter or early in the third quarter of this year to more or less complete the one-year cycle of the OnePlus One in the retail markets.

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  1. As long as they keep selling the OnePlus One at $299 / $350 I don’t care what they do…

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