HTC One M10 to Come Out Packed to the Brim During the MWC 2016 in Barcelona!

The new processor also features better 3D performance because of a new Adreno 530 GPU, a faster modern chip for quicker mobile connections, better camera image processing, and a new audio processor for better surround sound virtualization.

HTC would like to be recognized in the smartphone business as one of the better handset makers in the world so when its HTC One M9 was released to the markets in April last year and getting all sorts of complaints, the company knew it had to do something to redeem itself.

Immediately going back to the drawing board and buckling down to work, reports have it that the HTC One M10, the next flagship smartphone of the Taiwanese tech company, is almost ready. And the ceaseless leaks and information about its specifications and features appear to be based on something concrete.

Latest reports say that the HTC One M10 is to be the best offering from the company yet because HTC wants to erase the stigma of the complaint-ridden HTC One M9 from its memory.

High among the changes that the HTC One M10 shall bring forth is its more reliable and long-lasting battery, which is to be a great improvement from the underwhelming performance of its predecessor. In addition, the upcoming flagship smartphone of HTC will reportedly feature wireless charging.

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