‘Dance Moms’ Season 6 Episode 3 to See Abby Lee Miller Introducing the Members of Her Mini Dancing Team!

Season 6 of the American dancing competition reality TV series “Dance Moms” on Lifetime is already two episodes down but there has been no change in the attitude of dance leader Abby Lee Miller towards her young dancers

Episode 2 of “Dance Moms” detailed more about the 20 counts of fraud charges against Abby Lee Miller, through one of the dancers’ moms, and that if found guilty, the dance leader could face up to five years in prison.

The mothers expressed a bit of concern because it could have an impact on Abby, and eventually to the show, themselves and their daughters, notes Entertainment Weekly.

However, when Abby Lee Miller was featured, it seemed that the legal obstacles are not causing her any worry at all or maybe it is, she is just putting up a brave front. Viewers have noted how erratic Abby has been acting and how she was concerned more about her looks rather than what she should be doing to teach her young dancers.

Abby seems to be acting as if nothing was really wrong. She won’t acknowledge any of the charges brought against her and ignores the mothers when they bring it up to her.

Bearing the brunt

And perhaps because of the absence of her star dancer Maddie Ziegler, it’s Maddie’s sister Mackenzie who is bearing the brunt of Abby’s ire. During the second episode, Abby yelled quite a lot on Mackenzie.

She seems to have taken her anxiety of facing 20 counts of bankruptcy fraud on Mackenzie by shouting that the girl is not good enough or that she’s lazy or she has a bad feet and ankles. She also shouts to Mackenzie to work harder and also telling her that she is no Maddie.

That obviously drove Mackenzie to tears and called the dance leader a smart ass behind her back.

Finally, Mackenzie’s mother, Melissa, decides to step in and defend her daughter from the horrible verbal abuse she has been getting from Abby.

Despite all the brouhaha, the girls appear to be willing to take the verbal abuse from Abby in order to be on her dance team. Apparently, being in “Dance Moms” and being under the helm of the Abby Lee Dance Club is something to aspire for and be privileged to be a part of.

A team of mini

It seems that Mackenzie and the other members of the ALDC elite junior team would get a respite from the verbal blabberings of Abby Lee Miller in the upcoming third episode as the dance coach will be introducing a team of mini.

The dance mini team shall be composed of five girls, ages 10 and below, and Abby shall reportedly introduce its five members on episode 3 to air on Lifetime on January 19.

The five members of the team of mini include six-year-old Peyton Evans, eight-year-old Alexus Oladi, nine-year-old Alysa Owen, nine-year-old Mia Cociano, and 10-year-old Areana Lopez, details the International Business Times.

Peyton aspires to be an actress and singer. Her mother Kerri runs her YouTube channel dedicated to her performances. She considers Mackenzie her mentor and Kalani Hilliker as a role model.

Alexus is a four-time title winner from the Creative Arts Academy in Bountiful, Utah. She will star in “Dance Moms” along with her mother Tiffanie. She is trained in gymnastics and her goal is to become a dance teacher.

dance moms season 5

Alysa is a dancer and model from the Innovation Dance Company. She is dedicated to her craft and also in school. Although a member of Abby’s mini team, she still works with her original team. She also has a YouTube channel dedicated to her dancing performances. Her mother is Mary.

Mia, on the other hand, studied at the Oceanside Dance Center in Oceanside, New York. She considers dancing her passion and believes that she should always start the day with a smile. Her mother is Annmarie.

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