Hideo Kojima’s Dispute with Konami Hasn’t Stopped Metal Gear Solid 5, Game Coming September 1

Kojima will probably be able to find another job in the industry very easily – he’s a veteran with a lot of experience and there’s no shortage of studios that would be interested in having him working on their projects. On the other hand, resolving the situation with “Metal Gear Solid” might not be that simple.

It’s possible that we might see the game going under in the end, but even if that does happen, at least it’s had a good run as it became one of the best known names in the history of gaming as a whole.

Still, not all hope is lost – there are rumors that there is already another sequel in the works and Konami are reportedly already looking for people to join the project, but we have no idea if that’s true, nor when they plan to announce the new game officially if they really are working on it. If the rumors are correct though, then the announcement won’t happen anytime soon as the game is still in an early development stage.

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